Alpha-Bytes Ep. 15 | O is for Oil Dependency

It is a severely limited resource over which wars continue to be fought. So how did we end up in this predicament and how can we get out of it? Why does Zachary think not caring for creation is sinful? In this episode Raysan stays curious and Zachary gets a bit preachy.

We do not inherit the earth from our parents we borrow it from our children. -Unknown

O is for Oil Dependency

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Alpha-Bytes Ep. 14| N is for Nerd

There’s a nerd alert going off at Alpha-Bytes. Raysan and Zachary host a round-table discussion about what is popularly called “nerd-dom.” Why are nerds so passionate? How did the fringe sub-cultures become mainstream and how does that affect its artistic integrity? Why won’t Hollywood showcase Asian superheroes? Worst episode ever!

N is for Nerd

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*We apologize for the less-than-desirable sound quality. There were some unresolvable technical issues but we did our best.

**Zachary is aware of his mistakes. For the nerd record Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is Pakistani, not Indian, and as luck would have it immediately after recording he recalled several comic books with Asian leads, but the episode had to be cut at some point.

Alpha-Bytes Ep. 12 | L is for Legality

How should we differentiate between morality and legality? Does the effectiveness of a law matter or is it purely an expression of desired values? Is there any merit to harm-reduction theory or decriminalization? Raysan and Zachary (joined by the self-proclaimed “podcast supervillain”) evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of traditional systems in another controversial episode.

L is for Legality